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Combase version 12 is set to revolutionize Hospice Lotteries. Everyone says they can help you grow your lottery, but we are going to show you exactly how! It’s one thing to get more players, but how do you get more from your current players, without losing any in the process? Combase version 12 has the tools to do just that...

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Combase is a simple to use, lottery management software application that utilises the most up to date processes to ensure that its users have the best tool at their disposal to develop and grow their lottery. With constant updates to improve functionality , Combase prides itself on bringing industry leading service to its clients. Combase draws inspiration from its current user base and the ever-changing market to tailor a program that can take your lottery forward.

Tailored Reporting

Combase gives you unlimited reporting potential, empowering you with the ability to run your own scripts to develop the reports you need! With 100 standardised reports and round the clock support from Combase guru’s, viewing your data has never been so simple. Our standardised reports are there to help you with the day to day running of your lottery (like our formatted gambling commission report).


Combase has been developed over the past 20 years with hospices…for hospices. In complete collaboration we have worked with all of our clients to bring a program that suits their lottery fundraising needs. Combase recognises that your lottery is constantly changing and needs to keep up with legislation and the motivations of its members. Combase is continuing this relationship legacy with its clients to stay relevant in a dynamic and changing environment.

Bulk imports

Combase’s bulk import feature makes adding large batches of new player information a breeze. Whether or not it’s from a canvasing company or one of your fundraising events, you have the ability to import thousands of records in seconds. Combase can identify any duplicates, and enable its users to ignore matches, or update customer information.

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  • Combase V12
  • 1 user
  • Training
  • Pattern Pricing
  • Raffle Module
  • Single Ticket Module
  • Combase Parade
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    per month
  • Combase V12
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  • Data Migration
  • Raffle Module
  • Single Ticket Module
  • Onsite training
  • Post code checker and bank checker

Version 12 Improvements

Picture of Gambling Commission Report
Picture of Gambling Commission Repor

Gambling Commission Report

Making your job easier

Submitting your Gambling commission audit reports are now made even easier in version 12! Requiring only your weekly expenses to be added, Combase will now produce all the information needed to submit to the gambling commission in the requested format.

Screenshot of sql reporting
Screenshot of sql reporting

SQL Reporting

Sometimes you just want what you want

Combase can provide bespoke SQL queries to provide unique reports for your sales and fundraising teams. Every query is stored in the reports centre for easy access and immediate reporting. You will have complete access to all the information you could need from your database at the click of a button.

Import Config Screenshot
Import Config Screenshot

Import Configuration Improvements

We have been listening!

Importing Raffle Configurations have never been easier with Combase’s improved config set up. Now with open view windows built into the config set up you will ensure you create an accurate config first time every time.

Opt in image
Opt in image

Opt In tracking module

Keeping up with the times

Combase recognises that tracking customer opt in and opt out data is more important than ever, so with its player opt in tab you can record the provenance and compliance of each opt in. Combase are committed to producing the most up to date compliant lottery management software.

Pictures of new skins
Pictures of new skins

New Skins

Pink elephants for everyone

Variety of colour schemes for the program; Combase has a new look!! Customise Combase to suit your own style with 20 new colour schemes to choose from.

Image of our skins
Image 2 of our skins

User status colouring

Finding the needle in the haystack

Save time processing customer information with Combase user status colouring. Designed to help identify the status of any of your customers at a glance, Combase allows you to colour your customers based upon their activity.

pic mapping component
pic mapping component

Combase Maps

Visualize Your Territory

Combase have incorporated mapping technology that will allow you to plot quadrants of your customers for your canvassers. Colouring your map of supporters will help identify hot spots of supporter and identify areas that could use attention.

Gift aid addition Image
Gift aid addition Image

Gift Aid for non-lottery products

More ways that you can say yes

Calculating Gift Aid is possible with Combase. Exciting new features linked with Pattern pricing will provide opportunities to your fundraising team to gain more from their current donors, without losing interest in your lottery!

Combase Support Portal

Combase now has a 24/7 London based support portal so we are always on the pulse ready to assist you with training, mission critical tasks or long term features you wish to add in